.::Pure Poison::. · Beusy · California · Magika · Munique. · SLink · [7891.] · { BoobieLicious }

The Gun Show

heey cowboy i hope ure fast
cause im the baddest gunslinger in the west …
hey outlaaw, follow me outside
and keep ur fingers on the triggers while we put u under ♪

Hair: Magika Bliss
Earrings: [7891.] Luchini – 100Dollar&Silver
Collar: PP– Black & Gold Wilda Necklace
Dress: California – [Skeleton Bodycon Dress]
Pants: { BoobieLicious } My Sexy Diamondshorts Leggings
Bracelet 1: [7891.]– Swell – MK Watch – Gold
Bracelet 2: PP – Danielle Cuffs Gold – Left NEW
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Gun: Beusy: Packing Heat (Basic) NEW
Shoes: Munique. Ankle Boots Spike Black/Silver
Pose: Beusy: The Heat pt3 NEW

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