:: Miss Canning :: · Action · Analog Dog · ColdAmbitionz · HIATUS · SLink · [BANNED] · [GAKI] · [Mundos] · [whatever]


Your boyfriend doesn’t want to fuck u because he’s freshness?
You are really in need of a cuddle and some yummy sex?
What do u think of using a transparent clothing,
with breasts out and let ur boyfriend excited?
Meet ‘Ken‘, the inflatable male doll that doesn’t think,
don’t mind, can be manipulated and he will 
give u all the  pleasure u need!! ;)
Enjoy with this hot doll (i know you will)!
xxo ;*

Body & Hair:
Hair: AD – Carmella NEW
Mesh Lashes: Action Mesh Liner
Mesh Hands: Slink Female Hands
Mesh Body: [BANNED]Dea Mesh-Body
Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet
Torso Tattoo: [whatever] Goddess Isis
Hands Tattoo: .Things.– Temple
Pants Tattoo: HIATUS – Garter David

Clothing & Shoe:
Bodysuit: [GAKI] Nicki’s Bodysuit: Orchid Pink
Shoes: [Mundos] Caliopa

Bracelet I:  Spun Metal Armband
Bracelet II: Absorb – Hand Chain Pink NEW

Pose: ColdAmbitionz
Male Doll: :: Miss Canning :: Pleasure Male Doll! NEW

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