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Gwen Review

Posting different from other posts i’ve done here, and i hope u enjoy!
Mwwwah ;*


Gwen Head come with a simple hud, where u can use animation to speak, blinking, static eyes, default lips and 9 facial expressions for u to enjoy!
In addition, Gwen had her teeth updated, including the “rabbit” version (so pretty), if u choose to use the basic teeth, just use mask to make ur short teeth! (video)
You are thinking that was the only thing that changed? No!! Gwen was not only updated, it was also upgraded!


You can buy separately a package of fantastic expressions, contains 12 animations and 42 mouth animations, this means that you can make 504 animations!!! For this, u need to buy the upgrade window directly in the store, next to the Gwen vendor. That’s f*ckin amazing!!

Click here to watch video showing all possible combinations!

*If u had bought the head in its release, u dont need buy this upgrade, u simply use the redelivery terminal!! If u just wanted to test this incredible head, dont forget to buy the demo version, unwanted purchases will not be returned!*

Face & Hair:
Hair: Princess by CATWA
Mesh Head: HEAD Gwen by CATWA NEW
Eyes: Mesh Eyes [#28] by L’Etre
Lashes I: Zircon lashes by L’Etre
Lashes II: [Lower lashes] by L’Etre
Nosering: Septum Piercing – 2.0 by [7891.]
Skin: Xiaoyu Skin & Makeup by L’Etre

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